“To believe in the life of love, to walk in the way of honor, to serve in the light of truth. This is the life, the way, and the light of Sigma Nu. This is the creed of our fraternity.”

— Walter James Sears, Nu #0050

Expanding in 1884, Sigma Nu opened its first chapter west of the Mississippi River at the historic University of Kansas. The Nu chapter, as it is designated, is one of the University of Kansas’s oldest and most respected fraternities. Moving into former Kansas Governor WR Stubb’s mansion in the early 1930’s, Nu Chapter would begin a long tradition of success in intramural, academic, philanthropic, and social activities. 

Some of the more notable alumni of Nu Chapter of Sigma Nu include Pulitzer Award winning playwright William Inge, actor Paul Rudd, former Director of the FBI Clarence M. Kelly, NFL Hall of Fame inductee Mike McCormack, NASA astronaut and pilot of Apollo 17 Ronald Evans, and College Football Hall of Fame inductee and current associate athletic director for the University of Kansas John Hadl. Perlee Rawson Bennett, one of the founders of the Nu Chapter, shaped today’s ritual ceremonies of Sigma Nu. Also, the creed that binds all Sigma Nu members and alumni was written by Walter James Sears, Nu initiate #0050. With its rich background and storied history, Nu Chapter of Sigma Nu continues to produce fine young men that are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Academic Success

  • 3.45 House GPA, 2nd on the Hill, Spring of 2017
  • 3.34 House GPA, 3rd on the Hill, Fall of 2017
  • 3.38 House GPA, 3rd on the Hill, Spring of 2018
  • 3.38 House GPA, 3rd on the Hill, Fall of 2018
  • Rock Chapter Award, 2016 & 2018
  • SFL Chapter of the Year Finalist, 2018